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Forevermark Jewelry Collection

Are you searching for your own personal piece of perfection? Forevermark jewelry -- only available in finer jewelry stores like Trinity Jewelers in Pittsburgh PA -- is exactly that you want. Every Forevermark diamond belongs in the top one percent of all the diamonds in the world. Each is an entirely unique stone -- individually selected to bear the Forevermark inscription and serial number.

From Rough Diamond to Forevermark

The long road to Forevermark certification begins at the mine. Forevermark certifies that each diamond is sourced responsibly from a mine that treats its workers fairly and gives back to the community. Forevermark sorts through the rough diamonds to find stones with exceptional potential. The best stones are faceted and polished -- but not every finished diamond meets Forevermark criteria.
After the faceting process is complete, Forevermark uses proprietary equipment to analyze the quality of each stone and identify diamonds with ideal cut, color and clarity. Diamonds also must meet a minimum weight requirement to be eligible for Forevermark certification; only diamonds weighing .14 carats or more can bear the inscription.

The Forevermark Inscription

After Forevermark confirms that a diamond meets all of its requirements for certification, it is time to mark the stone with the Forevermark inscription. Forevermark uses exclusive equipment to mark each stone with the Forevermark logo as well as a unique serial number. The inscription is so small that you can't see it with the naked eye -- or even with a loupe. You can only see it with Forevermark's proprietary equipment -- and the inscription identifies the diamond as yours.

Own a Piece of Forevermark Jewelry Today

Visit Trinity Jewelers in Pittsburgh PA today to browse our selection of Forevermark Jewelry. Visit us at 647 Mount Nebo Road or call (412) 367-7131. We are open Tuesday through Saturday at 10:00 AM. We close at 7:00 PM Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:00 PM Wednesdays and Fridays and 3:00 PM Saturdays.